Odin’s daughters

The morning of Good Friday was interesting for me.

I created a 6-month series of workshops for folks in my area entitled “Creating A Pathworking Staff”.  The first class was on March 23, and I had a solid group of 20 folks who turned out.  Two of them dropped out at the end of it—but that was a blessing!  My living room is not spacious and I barely crammed enough chairs in there to accommodate everyone.  Anyway, I have discovered that whenever I step up to the plate and offer to teach something that involves spiritual synthesis as well as the journey of self-discovery and intuition/creativity, that of course it acts as a marvelous catalyst for ME as well.  After all, you really can’t stand up in front of a group of people and Teach something if you don’t understand it yourself.

So, this venture has triggered all sorts of odd dreams as well as an abrupt ending to a 7-year-long affair as well as unexpected creations popping in!

A “pathworking staff” is not a mere walking stick.  Oh sure…anyone can take a stick and decorate it and it’s kind of pretty and cool-looking—and that’s a valid thing to do too.  But, with this group we are dedicating ourselves to a six-month time frame in which to create the actual staff, but imbue it with prayers, teachings about Sacred Geometry, the 7 Sacred Directions, the sponsership of our totems and nature spirits, as well as the unseen but felt influence of the Ascended Masters and Guides.  So!  From Spring Equinox til Fall Equinox, we are getting together about twice a month, each class building upon the last and incorporating more of our personal journey.  The second class was this past Saturday, April 11, 2009.

Friday morning gave me a Gift.

A spontaneous altered state kicked in about 8am or so…and when these occur, I have to just surrender to them.  It is a kind of power, I suppose—just allowing your consciousness to “ride” the flow and see where it takes you within your own Mind and Soul.

On Friday, I was given a glimpse into an ecstatic bliss of Odin and his experience of hanging from the World Tree, or Tree of Life, Cosmic Tree—however you wish to think of it.  And by the way, guess what the topic for the next day’s class was going to be?  It was going to be about the Tree of Life and what that means in relationship to a Staff—as well as individual meanings of specific types of trees from various world cultures.

So…in this expansive state of Mind, I felt tingles of healing energy and Life Force, tingling through my entire body!  I felt suspended, safe, and protected.  I felt weightless!  It was an amazing revelation, this View into Odin and how he received his vision of The Runes!

It was NOT a trial of agony and deprivation.  It was a natural high, a gift from the Norns I suppose—the Norse Triple-Goddess that are the Spirit Keepers of the Runes.  At any rate—this blissful state of being lasted approximately 2-3 hours, during which time I was also being spoken to by one of my personal Guides who was explaining the correlations between Odin hanging from the World Tree mythos/imagery—and The CROSS.  The Crucifixion of Jeshua, as well as the coded information contained in the Tarot’s card of The Hanged Man.  It is indeed about enlightenment, illumination, and reclaimation of one’s personal Opening to the Infinite.

And one of the main messages regarding all this—was to send the word that it would be wise to let go of the focus on suffering and torture in regards to Resurrection.  Oh, it does involve SACRIFICE—there’s no doubt about that…but the work can happen in ways undreamt  of  by the predominent philosophy of the current ‘Christian’ churches.  The Sacrifice is this—the difficult task of becoming truthful about one’s own Shadow Self—and sacrificing all the masks and artifices we have built up over the years designed to keep it in place.

I am no Saint.  I am not a Perfected Being.  However, I do like to keep on trying  to let go of that which I’ve put in my own way that prevents me from doing my best.

Long ago, perhaps 25 years ago or so…I had a dream at the time that I surely did not comprehend the full scope of…I had purchased a beautiful little quartz crystal with a purple-amethyst root to it.  And it was very special to me at the time, because back then, quartz was not so easily obtainable the way it is now.  And, I was so drawn to them!  I had an indescribable yearning for stones and crystals that are so abundant now.

Anyway, this dream:  There was a war going on.  The landscape all about was devastation, and I was taking shelter in a half bombed out stucco sort of house…in the center of the main room was a kind of circular well of some kind.  Or, perhaps it was just a circle of stones someone had placed there—I had looked out across the smoking world and felt very lost and small.  But from the circle there arose a beautiful Spirit Woman, one whom was all transparent white light.  She floated in front of me and spoke these words “The Name of the crystal is Valkyrie”.

Now at this time, in my mid-20s or so…I was not familiar with that word.  I had heard it, certainly, probably had the memory of reading or hearing something about what a Valkyrie was ~ ~ ~ maybe from that great Bugs Bunny cartoon in which he and Elmer Fudd enacted Wagner’s classic opera “Ride of the Valkyrie”??  LOL!  The point being, I didn’t have a full knowledge of what it meant.

Just as the spirit woman in my dream told me this—one of my acting Profs from college days past BURST into my dream!  He looked very agitated, frantic even, with wild eyes.  He held his hands up to the Lady and practically shouted “You’re very powerful!  Very Powerful!!!”  He was a bit over the top.  I watched him as he turned to me and it was almost as if he were afraid of me.  I was put off by his display, because he seemed to be attributing the ‘power’ to Me.  I thought to myself, “What is his problem?  The world is being devastated and he’s in a panic over me?  It makes no sense.”  At any rate—my last impression of the dream was that of the Spirit Lady who spoke of the name of the crystal just connecting with me deeply by looking into my eyes….as I woke.

Now fast-forward once again to the gifts of spirit being shared this past Easter weekend.  In doing my deeper reading, and review for the class I will continue to lead through Spring and Summer, I came across these words:

“The Daughters of Odin are the Valkyries”


I have things to say…but not aloud.  I have messages that appear and disappear quickly—so here we are.  You and I.  I, the Oracle and you the discriminating Witness.

Dreams, omens, birds, snatches of conversations that float above the babble of the stream of human voices just as you are thinking to yourself ‘I wonder if—-‘ and lo!  by sychronisity, by magic, by divine intervention, serendipity—however you call it, an answer floats to the top like a bubble in a glass of champaygne.

Today is just a beginning.  I was nudged here, so I am trusting that this is to be in the way of a healing experience for myself, as well as a possible doorway to becoming more transparent.